1. Illustration on Utopia Singapore 


  2. Outcome: Info Graphic 

    Survey on why people are resistant to change in their surroundings and how globalisation and urban planning has affected Singaporeans. 

    People are often resistant to change because it makes one uncomfortable when they step out of their comfort zone.  I want to people to embrace change, as it is inevitable. Not forcing people to not stick to preservation, but embrace the idea that everything is changing.  

    When one door closes, another opens, said by Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 – August 2, 1922) was an eminent scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone. 


  3. Logos for Food Habit (Cafe and Restaurant)


  4. Outcome: Vintage Posters

    Should Traditional Coffee Shops Be Preserved In Singapore?


  5. Sex Infographics In Singapore


  6. Mummified fonts

    Culture Preservation 



  8. Advertising Communication

    SMP: Get Wet & Deep with Nikon Coolpix

    Portraying the modern Nikon Coolpix with an aged execution, a time clash between the new and the old is created. 

    Nikon Coolpix is a great companion when it comes to wet activities. To emphasize its waterproof feature, Nikon Coolpix is placed in an environment where everyone is familiar and takes pleasure in. Paradise speaks a beach and heaven is an ocean. Bring Nikon Coolpix to surf or lay by the beach and feel its waves. There will be no more uncertainty to photograph in water. 

    Capture those moments and they last forever.




  11. Digitalised box fonts



  13. Water is Life Poster Contest

    How can we make it clear to people as to why and how they should use water sparingly?

    The ‘Water is Life’ poster competition provides answers to this question. In this project, students and young artists from all over the world were asked to address this issue and develop their own artistic interpretations and forms of expression. The response was overwhelming: more than 5,000 designs were submitted by artists from 83 countries.