1. Should Traditional Coffee Shops Be Preserved In Singapore?

    In Singapore, coffee drinking is entrenched in the local culture. The quaint old coffee shop where Singaporeans goes for their morning coffee and breakfast embodies that.

    Traditional coffee shops tend to relive memories. The best coffee, some say, are the ones made by the older generation or when one is in a nostalgic circumstance.

    However, due to modernization, old coffee shops have been replaced by chain stores in cities and towns across the country, and they are gradually forgotten.

    Would convenience and varieties of coffees win the hearts of people and take over aged coffee shops?


    Credits: Muk Kexin



  2. MKX (Installation Art)

    I like patterns. We make patterns. I like to pay attention to the intricate patterns of the existence that we take granted for. We see them in every event, every object or every behaviour that we do not usually take notice of. They speaks closely to our lives, circling and returning anew. It is an endless cycle.

    White represents originality and purity - No imitation or influence by the other designers. Shadows casted from the patterns reflect what type of designer I am. “MKX”, the initials of my name have been structured within patterns as a reminder.

    Treasure moments, repeat the Beautifuls.


  3. 3D pop up patterns

    Paper Crafting


  4. Art Exhibition, Installation Art ‘Who Am I' (150cm x 100cm)

       Human of contrasted personalities,
       You see, you feel, you do

       With each significant judgment,
       Coupled with self intimated view.
       Along the scent of individuality,

    I am conscious of how people see me and reckon that is usually humans’ natural instinct; it boosts or destroys one’s confidence to what we received. Who I am is not all about myself. Instead, it is attached with others’ opinions of me.

    Many people are too individualistic and neglected the rest. The acknowledgement of others is something most of us do not pay enough attention to. For that, I have design ’WHO AM I’ for not only me, but people around me. That will show my appreciation to every single one of you who ever came across. Attempting to portray the idea of what makes me who I really am, it crosses the boundaries of two art factors; What I see in myself, and what people sees in me.

    What I think myself to be is expressive to what makes me who I really am. Others’ individual opinion about me can be worthwhile too, be it a sustained sentiment from a bosom friend, or even just the first Impression of a random passerby. These opinions have unknowingly contributed to my conversion.


  5. Who Am I


  6. Photography Exhibition for Embrace & Intertwine