1. MKX (Installation Art)

    I like patterns. We make patterns. I like to pay attention to the intricate patterns of the existence that we take granted for. We see them in every event, every object or every behaviour that we do not usually take notice of. They speaks closely to our lives, circling and returning anew. It is an endless cycle.

    White represents originality and purity - No imitation or influence by the other designers. Shadows casted from the patterns reflect what type of designer I am. “MKX”, the initials of my name have been structured within patterns as a reminder.

    Treasure moments, repeat the Beautifuls.


  2. 3D pop up patterns

    Paper Crafting









  10. Magazine Print, Jac Ripper Model Interview

    Jac Ripper is an edgy new model. Angles and shapes turned out to be my concept for this model with character and attitude.  

    Print and Layout Design


  11. Bubble Bath (Experimental Shoot)


  12. Bubble Bath (Experimental Shoot)


  13. Typography, portrait of Rockwell creator